About us

Travel and Taste, specializes in creating bespoke and unique itineraries for the really discerning travellers. Recently Travel and Taste was awarded the IEC Micro Business Award and in 2014 was presented with the IEC People’s Choice Award. This is an honest reflection of the client’s experiences and their evaluation of the services provided by the company. Travel and Taste pride themselves in being able to provide highly customised travel itineraries that suit the client’s needs and work on making the travel experience an exceptionally memorable one.


Your Travel Style

Our mission is to help you experience the world in an authentic and exciting way. Whether you re a seasoned overseas traveller, making your international debut, looking for a romantic honeymoon or family holiday with a difference - our tailor-made tours offer a safe way to explore far-flung destinations. Our friendly, approachable staff and local English speaking guides have extensive regional knowledge and our expertise will ensure your travel experience is one that you'll remember for a lifetime.

Tailor-made Tour Packages

At Travel and Taste, we can advise you on and design the perfect itinerary. We offer the opportunity of a genuine travel experience in a manner that suits you. Our tours can be operated privately and adjusted to suit you - we can put a package together to suit your budget, preferences and the length of time you have available.

Bringing It Together

After providing us with the details of your dream trip, we can present you with a suggested itinerary, complete with all your travel and accommodation arrangements and excursions you may wish to do as well as a package price. We can also make any changes to an itinerary so that it fits exactly with what you are looking for. Once an itinerary is agreed, we will book it for you.

Quality and Value

We have set high standards for our itineraries and we take great care to ensure that all the ingredients are right. Many of the excursions in our tailor-made tours are the result of years of careful research to get the perfect balance between quality and value.

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