Come travel and taste the world with us!


Travel and Taste tours aims to handcraft the journeys as per your requirement. We have readily available itineraries and we can alter any tour for your preferred destination.



Let the luxury indulgence and our attention to small details exceed your expectations and please your five senses.

A holiday experience that will make you feel “very special” with the finest hotels, highest standards of comfort from arrival to departure and beyond, it will be total serenity.


Let's marvel at forts and palaces temples, go shopping for unique gifts, ride elephants, eat and learn how to cook traditional Indian cuisines, experience yoga and tranquillity and be consumed by all that is Indian.

New Zealand

Enjoyed by millions of people around the globe, Indian cuisine has as much heart and soul as its people. The country’s amazing array of food is what brings family, friends and the Indian community together.


Each of our group tour offers something unique from the desert towns of Rajasthan, friendly rural villages and holy rivers to breathtaking hill stations, lush backwaters and tropical beaches of Southeast Asia.


It is rightly said that there is 'no age limit' for fun. Our Seniors’ Special Tours are expertly planned so that you have non-stop fun and entertainment & also have sufficient time to relax and soak in the surroundings.

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