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Eight Days in Goa...

In October 2015 I attended an event coordinated by Travel and Taste and sponsored by Goa Tourism to showcase Goa, India. Along with six other attendees (four who came on this trip with me), I was fortunate in winning the prize to visit Goa for five days for a FAM trip. I extended this trip by two days to have some time on my own and explore the northern part of Goa myself. This blog provides a summary of the things that we did and saw over that time. I am a 33 year old female student/academic so this blog is written from my perspective and not that of a travel agent or experienced traveller
Overall, I really enjoyed Goa, this was my first trip to India and I can see that there is a lot more to see and do, which I hope to get to in the future!
I am writing this post after being awake for over 24hrs (with a bit of sleep on the plane) so this will be short and sweet. After much confusion with our Air Asia flights, everything worked out well and I arrived in Goa without any problems. We were met at the airport by delegates from Goa tourism and got on the bus to go to our accommodation at the Ramada Caravela Beach Resort Goa.
I have a room to myself and it is fantastic. I think I could actually just stay here for a week and be happy. I’ve got the cutest little balcony outside my room (I’m on the third floor) and it looks out over the crystal blu
e pool and palm trees. Everyone is very polite, and there appear to be multiple security systems in place (including guards, a big gate at the front, and a guard who checks under the bus as you enter).
My first impressions of Goa (being mindful that all I’ve done is drive from the airport to the hotel in the dark) is that there are a lot of religious shrines, wild (I assume) dogs, people on motorbikes, and very cool little shack shop like things. I guess I expected that it would be more city like but so far it’s not, and I like that it’s not what I expected.

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